Every paper currency has a lifspan. (Ours is about to end!)

The value of all our savings in the bank is being eroded. Prices are going up and our savings are going down. This is not by accident.


was created in a response to the economic crash of 2008-2009.

Bitcoin is a computer program that runs independent of the world banking system. No one is in control of the program and there is no single point of failure. The program is running on hundreds of thousands of computers all over the world. Each one of these computers communicate every 10 min's and compare each transaction performed. Every 10 min's the prossess is repeated. It cant be hacked, it cant be double spent, it cant be *confiscated. *(Not your keys, not your coins)

Bitcoin is hope.

Bitcoin lets you exchange money and transact in a different way than you normally do. As such, you should take time to learn before using Bitcoin for any serious transaction. Bitcoin should be treated with the same care as your regular wallet/ purse, or more in some cases! Bitcoin beats inflation, Bitcoin is a store of your lifes hard earned energy.

If you wish to keep your individual financial sovereignty and "preserve the value of your wealth" then here is a path into the technology.

For information purposes, I can recommend these educational and anecdotal videos that will give insight into what the banking systems have created since we left the Gold standard in 1971.

(Andreas Atonopoulos) Andreas has done more to inform about this technology than anyone. He has created many instructional and informative lectures to both public audiences and advice to governments. His insight into this technology and this absolute means of storing your own wealth is priceless. (using the link above will give access to all his past instructional videos)

A good place to start your journey down the rabbit hole starts here with "escaping the banking cartel"

This 45min video is essential to understand what the banking system as we know it has done to the economy and the resulting mess we are in right now.

Introduction to Bitcoin
Here Andreas Atonopoulos explains his journey into this new technology.

How would I explain Bitcoin to my mother? Andreas Atonopoulos explains in basic the principle.

Michael Saylor has a great 1 hr explaination of Bitcoin here.

For online privacy, download TOR Browser

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