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Reunion 2006

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Holy Family reunion 2 November 2005
Pictures and web space by Ian Donohoe.

      If you would like to contact reunion organizer Kathleen Hargreaves click here.  But please make the subject...HOLY FAMILY.    
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Anne Woods


Joyce Makin and Maureen Streeter


Dennis Cassidy

Josie Seymour and Betty Townsend


Dorina Nuttall



Alan Swift


Trevor Whittaker
Kathleen Pemberton
June Wallbank
John Sullivan

Jean Golding

Joyce Makin

Maureen Streeter


Anthony Folley
Michael Mangan

Frank Kennedy


Bernard Woodhead


Keneth McKenna


Frannie Franks


Terry Neville



Francis Barton


Eric Wainwright


Mrs Woods


Desmond Mulderrig, Anne Woods, Dennis Cassidy, Terry Neville, Fred Bentley.


David Wainwright



Ian Power


Anthony  Sarsfield
Joan Lupton
Jennifer Drinkwater
Avril Power
Connie Downes
Keiron Murphy
Mary Neville
Desmond Mulderrig
Fred Bentley
Marie Alveston , Barbara Donohoe
Francis Deacey
Joan Astin
Eric Wainwright, June Wallbank, Francis Barton
Gerard McMyler, Dorina Nuttall, Betty Townsend,  Josie Seymour
Connie Downes, Francis Franks
Group Photo
Pauline Wagg
Pauline Wagg and Kathleen Gregory
Pauline Wagg
Carol Feddon
Cathrine Southworth
Kathleen Laycock
Teresa Hart
Les Moss
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