Kula Shaker loop    high level moorland epic

A brilliant moorland mountain bike epic, this time we head out from
Accrington over to Todmorden and back. Taking in Hamleden,
the Fury Cup single track,
Flower scar road, The
Gauxholme descent, inchfield, Long Causway,
Hades hill, Heald top farm, Thievley Pike, Comptons cross,
Clow bridge res, fainally climb back up hameldon again to
Bike wash at petrol station half a mile from base.
"approx 30 miles".

Follow the route with your mouse for extra info....

Moleside Moor
  Whittakers arms

Your starting point.

The Whittakers arms.
A good plate of nosh to replenish your fuel
reserves after the ride. There's a Beer garden
at the back and safe docking for your Mountain irons!

Image produced from the Ordnance Survey
Get-a-map service.
Image reproduced with kind permission of
Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.


Whittakers Arms and the start of your epic Bike wash at petrol station Coppice climb through pine trees Go under the bypass.
Do not go up to the farm, instead go across the cattle grid
and take the faint path right that faces the oncoming traffic of the bypass Gate After climbing metal gate go straight up quarry rd for 200 meters, don't turn left into quarry, instead go striaght on past big boulder.  Then make your way to wall line above Michell house resGate at start of climb Gate at begining of field Climb up to Gate Gate at track juction Radio mats Going down is fun but on the way back this climb is hell! Turn right down main rd for 50 meters tun left into Clowbridge res car park Ride up and out of car park and  through gate. After 100 meters take obvious track up the hill Good piece of fast cross country Go straight through gate at Comptons cross Nice wide track with gate Turn right and go down rd to juction Go across cattle grid onto grassy track Climb over fence the other side of old grassy quarry Enjoy fury cup single track Climb over barbed wire fence at old quarry site Gate Climb up Flower scar rd track Enjoy brilliant views and very fast downhill Join moorland rd Pub Turn down fast tarmac downhill Hit the Gauxholme descent at speed (enjoy) Take turning up track next to old mill Head towards farm in the distance Go in between farm buildings See if you can climb this steep little number out of valley Go straight up steep track with electricity pylon on your right Enjoy steady long causway climb gate Dont lose any height turn right and stay high up on moor Straight across at juction Climbing steadily Don't follow track when it bends to the left.  Instead push bike very short distance straight up until you see trig point Gate at the back of Hades hill Over stile Finger post with Limers gate on it! Turn right down faint grassy track Join good fast track Gate Head up rd for 300 meters, then take right fork Heald top farm Nice climb upto Theivley Pike Theivley Pike summit Enjoy grassy downhill Turn right at rd and retrace your track which you came down earlier until you get Comptons cross Turn sharp left halfway down downhill Maywell singletrack gate Over site