Secondhand, Pre-owned
Refurbished Riley Classic Aristocrat snooker table for sale

12ft Riley Classic Aristocrat Snooker Table in solid mahogany for sale

Manufactured in the 1970's at the Horne St "Pioneer Works" Accrington, England.

(Picture below of same model as advertised that was previously installed)
Classic Aristocrat full size snooker table
This model bares the same name and was the pre runner to Rileys famous Aristocrat range of tournament snooker tables. Manufactured from solid mahogany this model had a couple of nice innovative designs built in.

The cushion bolts are hidden behind a solid mahogany and solid brass cushion plate. The strip of brass you can see is set around 12mm deep into this plate. It must have been quite an expensive addition to the table design. The bottom of each leg have what can be described as a piece of tube that hides any packing under the legs. This tube can slide up inside the legs which have a reverse turned grove that's been machined back into each leg to accommodate. Take a look at this picture of the upturned legs and see the result.

Upturned aristocrat classic legs
The Classic Aristocrat comes with a
5 piece 1.75" inch solid slate bed.
All woodwork to be stripped back to the bare wood. Any imperfections repaired and the complete table re-polished back to its original state.
"It will look fantastic and play as new".
New northern rubbers. New pocket leathers and nets are to be fitted, cushions and bed cloth to be recovered in Hainsworth Smart wool napped cloth. Will also come supplied with... 2 x new Snooker cues, cross rest, long tackle, short tackle and hangers.
Set of new Snooker balls, triangle and a scoreboard.

Riley Classic Aristocrat
Aristocrat Classic Snooker table

Professionally delivered and installed by one of the country's top installers "Sovereign Snooker Services".

Mainland UK usually £250. (other areas could be more)


27/11/2022 Table price £3000 inc all the above.

Groundfloor delivery and installation £250

Total £3250

Deposit @ 20% = £650

Balance of £2600 paid in cash or bank transfer at point of install and your satisfaction.


Contact to arrange 20% deposit or if your snooker room is not ready to secure this table.

The majority of our customers are undergoing their own snooker room developments. We understand that building works seldom go to plan and will hold a table until you are ready at no extra cost.

Cash balance to be paid at point of installation to your satisfaction. 07969288786 Ian.


Cloth colour options

Cloth colour options

Snooker Table Cloth information:

According to our experienced table fitters ( All time served with apprenticeships at Riley Snooker when the manufacturing base was here in Accrington and Padiham)
Hainsworth Smart and Strachan 6811 are very similar giving a hard wearing 5 - 7 yrs use.
You will pay 50 extra for Strachan 6811 as you are paying for their tv advertising but Hainsworth Smart is every bit as good.
This is the cloth that you will find in most of the snooker halls and clubs the World over.

Strachan Tournament & Hainsworth Match lasts around 12 months. This is the type of cloth you would find on a snooker hall match table. 150 extra on the price of any snooker table offered.

Strachan Match and Hainsworth Precision lasts only a matter of weeks! This type of cloth is what you would find in professional tournaments. 150 extra on the price of any snooker table offered.
Northern Rubbers Fitted

Manufactured and Refurbished In Accrington England








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12ft Riley Burwatt Classic Aristocrat Snooker Table in solid mahogany