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Full size Majestic snooker table

Full-size & Undersize Sovereign Majestic Snooker Table


The Sovereign Majestic range of Snooker Tables are offered in solid Oak, Mahogany or Walnut.
100% hand made in Accrington England by skilled ex Riley designers, machinists and polishers. In fact the very same personal that made Ronnie O Sullivan's personal solid walnut match table and ultimately installed with our time served fitters.

Each component will be machined and finished to the same exacting standards that you would expect from a quality English snooker table using some of the very same machinery from the old Riley factory in Accrington.
We use diamond bench precision ground slate beds across the entire range of our tables.
Northern rubbers fitted to all cushions, genuine leather and nets / ballrunners on all this range.

Included in the price are all accessories for two persons to play a game of snooker.

Can be ordered in sizes: 12ft, 10ft, 9ft and 8ft. Use our room size guide on the FAQ page

Steel block cushions, new steel friezes are ordered and machined from our specialist engineering suppler if required.

All cushions and bed covered in the cloth of your choice, see cloth information below.

Cloth colour options

Cloth colour options

For normal use we would recommend the "Hainsworth Smart" range of wool napped cloth for durability. "more Cloth info below"

Prices as of 18/08/2019

12ft Solid Walnut Majestic Snooker Table £4850
12ft Solid Oak Majestic Snooker Table £4500
12ft Solid Mahogany Majestic Snooker Table £4250

10ft Solid Oak Majestic Snooker Table £3850
10ft Solid Mahogany Majestic Snooker Table £3700

9ft Solid Oak Majestic Snooker Table £3600
9ft Solid Mahogany Majestic Snooker Table £3400

8ft Solid Oak Majestic Snooker Table £3200
8ft Solid Mahogany Majestic Snooker Table £3150

Steel block cushion upgrade for fullsize tables £1300

Contact to discuss your requirements even if your room is under development. 07969288786 Ian


Snooker Table Cloth information:

According to our experienced table fitters ( All time served with apprenticeships at Riley Snooker when the manufacturing base was here in Accrington and Padiham) Hainsworth Smart and Strachan 6811 are very similar giving a hard wearing 5 - 7 yrs use. You will pay 30 extra for Strachan 6811 as you are paying for their tv advertising but Hainsworth Smart is every bit as good if not better.
This is the cloth that you will find in most of the snooker halls and clubs the World over.

Strachan Tournament & Hainsworth Match lasts around 12 months. This is the type of cloth you would find on a snooker hall match table. 100 extra on the price of any snooker table offered.

Strachan Match and Hainsworth Precision lasts only a matter of weeks! This type of cloth is what you would find in professional tournaments. 100 extra on the price of any snooker table offered.


Our busy Snooker workshopThe Refurbishers have over 120 years experience between them in both technical design and 10 years experience in the manufacture of World Tournament Tables supplied to the World Snooker Association. The Majestic snooker table range has proved to be the first choice for the ultimate in cue sports.

E.J Riley Kiln dried wood at Church Wharf nr Accrington
Above ..Times gone by... this picture of the unloading of African Mahogany from Leeds Liverpool Canal barges at Church Wharf nr Accrington for Kiln drying. picture courtesy

Only the very finest materials are used:
These tables are manufactured and are fully hand built from the very best materials available and manufactured in Accrington,  Lancashire by ex Riley employees. This is one of the few manufactures left in this country that has such a wealth of real skilled labour and delivers such fine craftsmanship and quality of service.
Ian Donohoe.

Sovereign Majestic Snooker Table in Solid Walnut / Oak / Mahogany

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