Secondhand, Pre owned Sam K Steel american pool table for sale

9ft Sam K Steel American pool table

*Now Sold* but will be acquiring more...9ft Sam K-Steel American Pool Table Mk 1 in Dark Brown Mottled

These tables are all in very good condition and stored in our Accrington workshop in their component parts waiting for full refurbishment.

Once a deposit has been paid, we will degrease, strip, sand a repaint all the black metalwork, degrease clean and polish all outside facing surfaces. Cushions will be re-rubbered and a band new cloth fitted with a colour of your choice (Hainsworth Elite-Pro). New rubber pockets. The table will look brilliant and play as new. We have sold and refurbished around 15 of these fantastic pool tables in the past and all our customers are very happy with them indeed. We believe in a more personal service. Its generally not just a matter of hitting the "Buy It Now" button like in some web sites. Your room may not be ready yet, or you may want to reserve a table you particularly like and ask for a few changes or added accessories.

Come supplied with 2 new cues, a cue rest and a set of new balls and triangle.

Refurbished In Accrington England.

Price £1500
Free NW England delivery and install.

Delivery Uk Mainland eg London, Glasgow, Wales £100

To arrange a deposit of 20% please call, text or email

Any questions;

Sam K Steel American pool table


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Refurbished secondhand and antique tables.

* SOLD *9ft Sam K Steel American Pool Table Mk 1