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life stories of Ian Don, Accrington

Accrington … 1960 onwards …

Most people of our era were brought up with life expectations no more ambitious than to work in the mills or factories!  University was for the privileged few.  If you were like the rest of us, then you basically had a job for life.  When I came into the world, Accrington was a vibrant market town with  multitude of manufacturing  workplaces.

Coal mines, Accrington Nori, Redac, Enfield), Snooker table manufacturers (E.J Riley, Allied Billiards, Willie Holt),  Ewbank, Howard and Bullough’s, Calico Printers, Karrimor, Blyths Chemicals. I could fill this page!

The huge Howard & Bulloughs factory
The huge Howard & Bulloughs factory

The word Redundancy was for the Ner do well’s and lazy sods!
At school, you were judged on how good you were with your fists and not your exam results!  Health and safety in the workplace was 10 yrs away!

This was Accrington in the 1960’s, a small manufacturing mill town in the Northwest of England…  Since then we have switched from old shillings to decimal.   Imperial measurements to Metric, have witnessed the passing of the steam age, learnt to survive, thrive and let go of an industrial environment.  Know what it’s like to live without TV’s, mobile phones, computers and the internet!   Yes its been an age of change alright!
I still find it hard to believe that I have held conversations with people who were born in the 1870’s!!  That’s 15 yrs before Marconi invented the Radio!  I wonder what they would think of it all now?
Anyway here are a few snippets of some real life experiences as I grew up …  Click here…

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